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CHP Running traffic breaks on I-15 to spray brine in the Cajon Pass

HESPERIA, Calif. (CAJONCRAWL.com) — CalTrans is preparing ahead of the first winter storm of the year by spraying brine across lanes of the I-15 freeway.

According to the California Highway Patrol incident logs, since about noon-time officers have been assisting CalTrans with traffic breaks along the I-15 freeway in preparation for the winter storm.

At 2:52 pm CHP was required to start a break on the northbound I-15, just south of Cleghorn Road to spray brine in lanes from Cleghorn to Oak Hills Road.

The National Weather Service issued a wind advisory and advised motorists with high-profile vehicles to use extra caution if traveling on the I-15 freeway, highway 247, highway 18, or highway 395 due to possible hazardous conditions.

Wind gusts of 55 mph are possible in the passes and deserts. The snow level is expected to fall to 5,000 feet allowing for snow to fall in our local mountains.

The high wind advisory signs have been activated in the Cajon Pass.

So What is BrineBrine is a mixture of salt and water and it’s used in place of salt crystals on roads because it stays in place better. When rock salt crystals are spread on a road, a large percentage of them bounce and roll off to the side where they are of no help keeping the road free of ice and snow.
(source: The Rust Store)

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