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CHP shares photo of speeder caught doing 106 mph on 15 freeway

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (CAJONCRAWL.com) — On New Year’s Eve 2019, the California Highway Patrol – Victorville Station posted a shocking photo of a radar gun with a reading of a 106 mph.

“Slow down people, Vegas will be there, ….and open,” stated the caption on the post.

On that same day, CHP also reminded motorists to designate a sober driver. “You can and will end someone’s life, including your own, with your poor decision.”

CHP drive sober
(Victorville CHP)

The post didn’t say if the speeding driver was arrested or had their vehicle impounded. However, driving over 100 mph in CA is a very serious charge.

You could face a fine up to $900 for a first offense. Have your license suspended for 30 days, also on a first offense. Plus you will have 2 points added to your DMV driver’s license record. Oh, and did we already mention you are NOT eligible to do traffic school for this violation.

Next time you are running late and are speeding, STOP and think about the serious consequences.

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